Happy New Year!

2013… what.a.whirlwind!  My goodness, y’all!  I’ll do a full ‘year in review’ post next week, but for now, just a hint at what we had going on…

We closed on our new house, moved from Pensacola to Navarre, found out I was pregnant (!!!!!!!) , moved into a cute little shop in downtown Pensacola,  went to Texas for the Round Top Antique Fair, found out Baby Haley was a sweet little girl, then Spring and Summer weddings kept us on our toes weekend after weekend, we were a part of the Pensacola Blockparty Wedding for the second year (congrats Alanna and Evan!), four days after that, sweet baby Leighton made her debut, a week after that we participated in the first ever Double Take Event, I turned 30  in the middle of Fall wedding madness while on maternity leave (thank the good Lord above for the awesome team that helped make our fall weddings go off without a hitch in my absence!), and wrapped up the year with a celebrity wedding… and I can’t forget all of the gorgeous styled shoots and workshops we were a part of in the middle of all of this madness.  Goodness, just typing that makes me tired… and to think I did all of that either pregnant or with a newborn… 2014, you have big big shoes to fill!

In the middle of all of this, that I like to call the hustle and bustle, our sweet little blog was neglected.  One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to blog twice a week, and to show off all of the amazing things we are doing!  Because we are!  And we have awesome vendors to brag on and share with you and new ideas to inspire you, but last year, “busy” just got the best of me, and this is what I let slip.  And you know what, I miss writing, a lot.  It’s a good outlet for me so expect lots of new things up on the blog, and often!  Lord knows I have enough “#tbt” (that’s throwback Thursday for you non-hashtaggers) content to last me through the year.  So here goes!  Here’s to 2014 and lots and lots of pretty blog posts and connecting with our followers once again!



We’re Having An Overstock Sale! A GIANT ONE!

Over the past two years, we’ve collected quite a few treasures along the way… from thrift stores, Craig’s List, antique stores, estate sales, past clients, friends and of course, our grandmas’ attics.  We’re finally getting the new shop just about finished but it took a lot of sorting though and cleaning out of our inventory and saying goodbye to the things that we just don’t use as much as we thought we would.  So, we’re clearing the clutter and having a sale!

I’ll be posting sneak peeks on our Instagram and Facebook page today and tomorrow (so be sure to follow there for up-to-date info), but here’s a short list of what we’ve got up for grabs:

Candles, vases, mason jars galore, mis-matched china, picture frames, picture frames, pictures frames ;), shabby chairs, paint (lots and lots of paint!), paper straws, washi tape, vintage books, and all kinds of other wedding decor, furniture and vintage odds & ends.

Have questions?  Shoot us an email at hello@hemstitchvintage.com.

Please please tell your friends about our sale!  We’ve got to make room for the pretty new things we have waiting to make their debut!  We’ll reward you with some yummy fresh lemonade for helping us out!

PS We’ve have some of our past clients interested in selling their leftover wedding decor…let us know if you’d like to do this as well.  We’re happy to help ya out!

A couple of things about our sale:

-All sales are final.

-Cash only.

-No early birds, please.

Something New, Just In Time For Spring!

Happy Spring, friends!  We’ve been busy little bees these past couple of months and growing like crazy, in all kinds of aspects.  :)  We’ve added a couple of great gals to our team, whom you’ll meet later this spring; we’ve set up shop in downtown Pensacola (more about that next week!); AND!!!!! we have new inventory photos!  HIP HIP HOORAY!  A few weeks ago, our crazy  amazing friend, Aislinn, graciously spent an entire day with me shooting nearly the entire Hemstitch rental collection.  It was a long day and a bit eye-opening at how extensive our collection really is, but good ol’ Krispy Kreme kept us going.  :)  (We love donuts, what can I say?)  We didn’t quite finish shooting everything we’ve got, but we’re planning another day to finish up, so stay tuned for that in the next month or two.  We’ll be spending this week updating our inventory gallery with Aislinn’s crisp and clean images of our pretties and we’ll let y’all know when we’re finished!  For now, here is a peek at what’s coming… they’re just beautiful!

A Peek at 2013…

Friends, I’ve been up to my ears in new things in these quick 31 days that have already flown by us… BIG, BIG things are happening for Hemstitch this year, and here is a peek at one of them!

{Weird problems going on with the blog… it’s not allowing me to upload photos, so until the Geek Squad saves the day, check out Aislinn’s post.}


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