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Angela Haley founded Hemstitch Vintage Rentals in 2011 after recently moving to Pensacola from Austin by way of her husband’s job with the Air Force.  Her background was in weddings & events, and it didn’t take her long to start plotting her next adventure once she got here.  What began as a collection of unique pieces to sell in local antique stores quickly turned into a storage unit full of rental options for local and destination brides, photographers and party throwers of all sorts.  Angela saw the need and opportunity to fill a void  after meeting bride after bride visiting her antique booths to purchase pieces for their weddings.  Over the past five years, the Hemstitch inventory has been carefully curated and has now grown to over 500 different types of items, filling our warehouse in downtown Pensacola to the brim.  Today, Hemstitch has been recognized as the Emerald Coast’s premier boutique & vintage rentals company and has appeared in a number of publications, both online and in print.  In 2014, Hemstitch won Best Wedding Rentals in the Independent News Best of the Coast awards and was recognized in 2015, 2016, and 2017 as well!

After five years and being a part of over 250 weddings, parties, and events + more photo shoots and non-profit events to even keep track of, Angela is beyond thrilled to pass the torch of ownership on to lifelong Northwest Florida natives, Sam & Heather Nelson.  Sam & Heather bring an awesome husband-wife dynamic to Hemstitch–Sam will be the “brains” working behind the scenes on the day to day operations, while Heather will be the creative force and the face of Hemstitch, meeting and designing with clients and vendors.  The couple is ecstatic to carry on the business offering the Emerald Coast a unique approach to wedding, event, and photography prop and decor rentals.  Vintage may be part of our name, but know that we are so much more… boutique, eclectic,  boho, chic, rustic, coastal, and Southern.

Who Are The Owners?

Sam and Heather were both born and raised on the Gulf Coast.  They have four lovely children together. They share a love for Jesus, family & community, strong coffee, and great food; additionally, for all things old, restored & reinvented, as was evident when they purchased a 1950’s fixer-upper when they were first married. They continue to channel their passion and teamwork through Hemstitch.

With her keen eye and attention to detail, Heather is clearly the backbone of the Hemstitch operation.  She is often out and about looking for new treasures while also looking to recreate our own inventory.

Sam is a graduate of the U.S. Coast Guard Academy.  After his service in the Coast Guard Sam returned to the Gulf Coast and worked as a financial services representative for 7 years, during which time he earned his Certified Financial Planner® designation.  As an entrepreneur, his goal is to stimulate real economic growth in our local economy by growing Hemstitch and its industry.  Sam assists Heather with the day-to-day operations.